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The Tone Deaf Guitarist

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I'll just play what comes from my heart and that's more important to me than the Critics ...

Welcome to ,

The Home of The Tone Deaf Guitarist

An INTIMATE approach towards the distinct Elements of Music & Noise. Elegantly decoded with a touch of "Experimentation", "Non-standard Techniques" & "Irregular Scales", a complete REVERSAL of MUSICAL PROGRESSION from the heart of the Tone Deaf Guitarist.

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Chapter 3: Pirate Hunter Zoro Enters
Lodi Bautista (Lodi Bautista as The Pirate King)

About Lodi Bautista

He's Lazy (maybe the laziest guitarist), He's not Technically Proficient when it comes to Music Theories, He didn't know how to Read/Play a Music Sheet (there's no way He can read those hieroglyphics)...

He performs primarily as a Solo Artist. He collaborated with a variety of Local Artists such as Tinapay X, Chuckytos, 316, Break The Wall Down, Hungarian Salt, Land of The Lost, Buknoy The Fighting Ball Scandal, Lady's Choice, etc. He has also written and performed some of the band's songs He's involved with and contributed in changing their previous Genres with a touch of His own Music.. (METALS ofcourse)

He'll just play what comes from His heart and that's more important to Him than the Critics ...

it's not easy to choose between Arts and Technicalities..

-greedhatelustenvypridegluttonysloth (Anti-Lodi Bautista Movement)